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What Was It Like For Me To Visit India For The Second Time


My blogging is real. I do not write BS stories about places I have never visited. Also, being a blogger myself, I read other people’s blogs as well. There are too many happy-go-lucky bloggers that seem to see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Not me mate, so if you really want to learn what it is like to visit India, read the following:

The First Time I Visited India

Okay, so the first time I visited India, I was very young and impressionable. I was in my early twenties, so that explains a lot. I saw everything perhaps a bit better than it actually was and turned my head from all the bad things.


I thought I had a wonderful time, even though I was often concerned for my safety and my health. Still, I managed to visit several tourist attractions, and I was definitely impressed with Taj Mahal. The picture of me in front of Taj Mahal still hangs in my living room and reminds me of the first trip I have made to India.

Second Time Around Things Were Less So Great

When I visited India for the second time, I was in my thirties, so this might have to do something with the impression India has left on me. Also, I was not travelling alone as a young backpacker, as I did the first time around, but with my five-year old and my three-year old and my husband.


So things were A LOT different this time around. Also, I was not so impressed with India as a whole and here’s why.

Health Threats

There are many health threats in India, so I was constantly in some kind of a panic more. My youngest seemed to have a fever on the plane, so that made me even more anxious. Each time someone would get bitten by something or start scratching I would completely lose it.

Society And Criminal

It is perhaps not the safest place in the planet I will tell you that. Sure, if you manage to keep yourself and your family safe, it can be awesome. Also, when it comes to society it is not something that I would ever support.


And how do I explain to my young ones that some people are not even meant to look in direction of other people, let alone touch them? That is what I call a cruel and restricted society my friends.


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