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Must – visit restaurants on Biscayne Blvd.

Tourists wandering through Miami gravitate towards Biscayne Boulevard a big time, mostly due to a rich collection of restaurants and places offering delicious or authentic food, as well as pleasant atmosphere to enjoy your meals. Located in the mere heart of the boulevard’s rush, all of these restaurants try to isolate unique atmosphere, keeping you in touch with all the beauties of Miami itself, to go along with your touristic sightseeing schedule. However, if you’re new in Miami, you might get lost among all those attractive places, thus here’s a brief overview of some of the best restaurants we recommend.

Dominance of Cypress Tavern

Everyone familiar with Miami and Biscayne Boulevard social aspects connects a high quality and famous reputation to the name Cypress Tavern. The place is somewhat a signature of Biscayne Boulevard with all its awards won for quality service and delicious food on the menu anytime. Cypress Tavern has been renovated recently with the intention to change the atmosphere into slightly more casual, but the old familiar French style is still obvious. What impresses most in this place is their ability to combine classy atmosphere and meals with somewhat old-fashioned aspects. Thus, you’ll find here both lobsters and exotic salads, as well as common eggs and grilled mushrooms. restaurants on biscayne blvd are in high number so you can find something that you like.

Greek island with Turkish coffee

Mandolin Bistro is another signature restaurant at Biscayne boulevard, Miami, widely famous among regular Miami tourists. The restaurant is owned by Greek and Turkish families, and the reflex ions of both cultures are seen all over the place. Although it might sound like a mess, the place is a unique, amazing experience. The ambiance is something like a Greek island, and it is accompanied with authentic Mediterranean food and specialties. At the same time, various items are resembling Turkish culture and customs that spice the place and the atmosphere, starting with famous Turkish coffee. If you stop by here, grilled prawns, gyro and moussaka are the ‘’must taste’’ meals.

Ever been to izakaya?

Izakaya is traditional Japanese gastropub, similar to the myriad of Irish pubs. Zuma is reputed as Japanese izakaya settled at Biscayne Boulevard and famous among tourists for its authentic Japanese specialties and atmosphere inside the restaurant. The amazing and highly original interior will provide you with convenient and amusing atmosphere, with Miami River at your view and Japanese meals, such as chirashi don or hajikami.

Abor a Peru

If not truly a fan of Japanese kitchen and atmosphere, here’s another option for you to take a break from wandering down Biscayne boulevard. Abor a Peru is a favorite place even among locals, who gather here for big plates and ceviche, causa or seafood on it. Leche de tigre is a specific marinade used in a ceviche that is sort of signature of this kitchen, as well as jugo de lucuma, a specific juice you shouldn’t miss.

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