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New Asian restaurant in Scottsdale for exotic food lovers

exotic food

Zen Culinary is a new place opened relatively recently, and it’s one of a dozen Asian – inspired restaurants in Scottsdale, but it stands out in many aspects. The restaurant is owned and organized by Rachel McAuley who grew up in Thailand, achieved rich experience in tourism and cocking styles in many high-class restaurants and decided to invest her money, experience and passion towards Asian cuisine into her restaurant. The leading idea and the mission were to design a place that would serve authentic Asian food, home – made combination of Asian and western cuisines and to reflect Asian ambiance onto the overall interior and exterior of the place.

The final aim was to provide high – quality service, delicious food and bring Asian tradition closer to various visitors and guests. Modern American or European dishes are modified in Asian manner or combined with traditional Asian meals and complemented with adequate spices and drinks.

The ambiance promoting Zen

zen restaurantAccording to the overall design of the restaurant, the name of the place is rather suggestive. Zen Culinary truly encapsulates Zen atmosphere due to its characteristic interior and exterior. The restaurant hosts 300 seats, with four dining rooms, open – air kitchen, serpent garden patios outdoor and dense greenery surrounding the place. The main idea of the whole design is to center the interior around four elements in Asian tradition: fire, air, water, and soil. You’ll find various presentations of these four in features and items scattered within the restaurant.

The place provides elegant peace inside, both casual, relaxing atmosphere, as well as an official and classy note. Various elements and items around the place symbolize different aspects of Asian tradition and culture. There is always a rustic piano in the corner used for live music performance during happy hour few times a week. Beautiful garden and patios outdoors fit perfectly with elegant mysticism indoors.

Asian – Fusion cuisine on the menu

Zen Culinary offers a wide range of entrees and a large collection of wines, cocktails, and another beverage. What you can expect to find here is inevitable rice in every meal. Lots of various spices in pretty much all the meals, seafood prepared in many manners, exotic cheese and salads, as well as the beverage that includes authentic Asian wine and beers.

Hand-made sushi and shumai dumplings are becoming signature meals of Zen Culinary. The cooking style in this restaurant is based on popular fusion cuisine that combines ingredients, spices, and drinks in certain patterns and combination to provide you all your body needs with one meal. The dishes are fresh, just made after the order, ingredients are locally grown and organic, and the service is friendly and responsive.

Zen vs. parties

Zen Culinary is primarily designed for relaxing, casual or maybe official meetings and lunches. However, the asian restaurant rents its space for private or half-private parties and commercial balls. It sometimes hosts thematic evenings, with some traditional Asian drink served half – prized. Charming ambiance of this restaurant will allow you to calm down while having your lunch, to read books or to party for hours during happy hour.


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