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Travel Blog: My China Experience

China Experience

First of all, I would like to start with something simple, such as: thank you so much for publishing my text! I have been reading your blog for the modest past six months, but I have had the travel bug for a much, much longer! I have visited many countries and cities all across the world so far, but my latest travel experience was in China and that is something I would like to share with other readers as well.

China Is Delicious

Seriously, I knew I loved china cuisine, but when I went there I was completely blown away! Their food is awesome! In addition to that, there are many restaurants which you can choose from, but there is plenty of street food that you can pick up and have on the go. Learn more at  Filza.

Both of them have certain appeal, which is certainly different, but all in all, it was delicious to stay in China!

Cultural Heritage

Cultural HeritageI know some history, but what amazes me is whenever I go anywhere in the world, I constantly learn more. So, I have come to terms with this and that is why I try to learn as much as I can whenever I go somewhere. As for China, I knew they have a lot of history, but I was completely astounded with the cultural heritage of China and the long standing traditions. In addition to that, there are many temples which are in the open that you can visit, and everything is absolutely amazing to see and experience. My favorite, might be a little bit of a cliché, but it was definitely the Great Wall of China. It was my wish to visit the wall and now I finally did it! Join mega joker spilleautomat

The People

Whenever I go somewhere, I also like to meet a few locals and perhaps even converse with them if I have the opportunity. As for the Chinese people, they are very warm and welcoming. Sure thing, as a white male you are certainly about to stand out among other people, but even though it was more than obvious that I wasn’t from China.

They were warm and welcoming and prepared to talk with me and help me out on my adventure. I met a lovely girl there too, and we plan to stay in touch… So, fingers crossed! iOS AppStore is using lot of people to find good apps for that.


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