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Ciao Amore! – The Story Of The Best Vacation I Have Ever Had!


There are good vacations, there are relaxing vacations, and then there are those vacations that one cannot forget for as long as they are alive! For me the latter category consists of one country and one country alone, which alone has so much to offer, and that is of course Italy! So, this is the story of the love of my life when it comes to tourist destinations and that is Italy!

So, What Is So Great About Italy?

Are you kidding me? Well, everything! Italy is absolutely brilliant! It has the perfect weather, beautiful cities, amazing architecture, incredibly tasty cuisine and warm people!


It is everything you could ever ask for the country to be and it has everything you could ever fantasize of a country to have. It has beautiful seaside wherever you turn, along with the mountain region and beautiful nature. Should I go on, or did you get the picture?

Roma, Magnificent Roma

RomaRome is absolutely magnificent and astonishing, and that was perhaps the best vacation in Italy that I ever had – when I visited Rome for the first time. Every other time after that was equally amazing, it is just that I was really star-eyed when I saw it for the first time. Also, Rome is such an amazing city with long standing history and more than plenty of culture so that it is impossible to see it all at once. Another thing they say about the Eternal City is that it is an open air museum and I could not agree more! There is so many things to be seen in the streets of Rome that it is definitely one of my favorite cities that I love to go back to. No matter how much I travel around the world, Rome is one city that I can never get enough of.

Going To The Seaside

What is so great about Italy is no matter where you are in Italy, you are always so close to the seaside. What was so amazing about my first trip to Rome and Italy was that we rented a car and were able to make short trips. One day, on a whim, we decided to go to the seaside!

I cannot even begin to tell you what an incredible feeling that is!


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