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Edinburgh – The Gem Of The Island

Edinburgh image

UK seems like a perfect travel destination for anyone from the English-speaking countries. But it is also filled with places which you can visit, apart from London. Certainly, London seems to be the logical destination for anyone visiting the UK. But we will talk about the absolutely amazing city in the North today – the lovely Edinburgh. Learn more at iPhone Emulator.

The Scottish Charm

Scottish cities have a unique charm and appeal to travelers and visitors, and that can also be said for Edinburgh. This lovely city is different than other cities. Not only due to its historical background, but also amazing, lovely people and their hospitality.

It is truly a unique place to visit, so make sure you plan a trip to Edinburgh soon.

Art And Culture In Edinburgh

When it comes to art and culture, there is so much to see in Edinburgh that it is practically unbelievable. Edinburgh is the birth place of many famous novelists and writers who lived in the past, but also those who live in the present.

Britain Scotland Celebrities

The Harry Potter novelist, J.K. Rowling wrote her first novel in a café in Edinburgh which you will be able to visit. Also, novelist Irvine Welsh set his novels in Edinburgh, depicting the different side of the city through subcultures.


In case that you are in the mood for a celebration, you should know that Edinburgh is practically the capital of festivals. Follow everything with Kodi app. Notably, many of the festivals take place during the summer and the most important Theatre Festival takes place in August, when the weather is at its best in the whole island.

Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Yacht

As a special token of the Queen’s love and affection for Scotland, she made Edinburgh the place where her royal yacht is retired and available for anyone to visit. It is truly amazing to think how special Scotland and Edinburgh are to the Royal family, taking into consideration that Queen has this special relationship with Edinburgh to let her ship rest here.

December In Edinburgh

In case that you will not spend the summer in this lovely city, you can always look forward to visiting it in December. Namely, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a special occasion where you will be able to witness some genuine Scottish music, dances and a military parade like no other.


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