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Morocco’s Kief – Is Cannabis Present Everywhere In Morocco?

Morocco’s Kief – Is Cannabis Present Everywhere In Morocco?

Morocco is the largest kief/has a producer in the world and no wonder that all kief comes from this country! If you have ever been to one of the coffee shops in Amsterdam, you could know that all hashish comes from this African country. Today, you can buy kief online if you want, but if you visit this country, be prepared to the frequent offers of this product! Note that I do not want to encourage anyone to buy cannabis in foreign countries, as I am just reporting my experience.

How did the kief production start?

Everything started in the 7th century when Arabs brought it in here. The cannabis consumption was not punished by the law and was socially accepted till 1956 upon the formation of the new government that did not want people to smoke around. Still, things did not go well for the government and in 1970.it became the favorite destination for all hippies.

Marijuana Field
Big Marijuana Field In Morocco

Therefore, it became the largest hash producer in the world and it is still the biggest exporter of cannabis resin. The growth of this plant was ordered by the country’s ruler Sultan Hassan I, who in 1890, ordered people to grow cannabis in the region of central Rif Mountains. This region is, today, the largest has producer! The most famous city is Chefchaouen, the city of blue streets and walls!

Do people offer you kief in this country?

Yes, they will approach you in the street and start speaking in Arabic or French, which are the two main languages here. They will exhaust you by offering the kief, hash or weed in Chefchaouen, which is the smoking capital!

The dealers usually approach you, especially when they see you are a stranger. Regardless of whether you are in Chefchaouen, Marrakesh of Fez, they will come to you to sell you. If you do not want to buy, just be polite and say that you are not interested. On the other hand, do not get too long with the transaction, as the police may show up as soon as they see that someone is bothering you.

Where to smoke kief in Morocco?

Well, the best way to smoke is by getting to secluded places like beaches or parks. Being away from the public is a safe way to consume this product. There are places/small local caffee bars, where men smoke kief freely and drink tea while playing cards.

Marijuana Seed On Table
Cannabis Seed Is Ready To Use

The police do not come in these places, so you will be safe. However, the best way to go there is with a local who knows the people so you could avoid possibly awkward situations. A lot of people smoke kief on water pipes (hookahs) or small wooden pipes (sebsis) as they try to remove the harmful effects of the smoke. Also, avoid smoking in public, as the police may catch you and you surely do not want to spend a night in jail. If this happens, be prepared to pay a fine (100-200 euros) and you will be good.


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