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How New CSGO Accounts Could Make You A Better Player


If you are interested in making an alternative CSGO account, you can buy csgo accounts at ibuysmurf.com, and there you will be able to find out more about it. TweakBox Ap is right app for that.

If you would like to learn more about how you can become a better CSGO player, then there is only one thing you can do – play as much as you can. But not everyone likes to play within their own rank and with their original profile. This is why many people choose to open new accounts that would allow them become better players. Here is why that strategy might actually work.

New Accounts Allow You To Practice

Opening a new CSGO account will allow you to practice without endangering your existing progress on your main profile. With new accounts you can easily practice playing the game with players who are not as experienced as you are which will allow you to practice without being overpowered. Moreover, using the new account will also not interfere with your progress on your main account. People use iPhone Emulator for this.

Some People Just Enjoy The Process

CSGOFor some devoted players enjoying the game is all that matters. If you belong to this category, you may wish to open new accounts that will allow you to play the game without being burdened by the progress that you must make. Similarly, if you have liked certain parts of the game so much, you may want to go over it again, and this is precisely when new accounts could come in handy. Also, the very process of playing the game over and over again will make you a better player in general and you will have a better understanding of your opponents.


Many players use alternative accounts in order to do something which is known as being a smurf. These players only seek to make these accounts in order to destroy weaker players who are unsuspected of their actual experience. Normally, the software would never pair the players who are not equal in their experience and rank, which is why some players use this strategy to get paired with players they would not normally be paired with. While this strategy is common in the gaming community it is also disputable because it devastates the confidence of less experienced players and makes them an easy target for all those who would like to boost their confidence. It is definitely debatable whether this strategy is fair, but undeniably it is used by many users for whatever personal reasons. The easiest way to open new accounts is by far to visit obuysmurf.org and inform yourself more on this subject.

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