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Now My Each Story Begins With “That Time I Visited UK…”


Yup, that is completely right! This is a vacation that has left such a big impression on me, that for a while I just went around starting each my story and sentence with that formulaic expression. There are so many things that left a big impression on me and I will try to recollect them here, so that you too can get an idea of what it is like to visit UK and perhaps even my stories will encourage you to go there yourself sometime soon!

London Blew My Mind

From the start of planning my journey I knew that I must visit London, but once I finally did not only that it fulfilled all my expectations, but it downright blew my mind! London is not only amazing because there are so many things to see and do, but also because of the people.


There are so many people from around the globe in this cultural melting pot, that it feels and is, truly cosmopolitan.

The Rural Areas Of UK

What is even better in UK are the rural areas. Not only that they are incredibly picturesque, but it is absolutely amazing to think that you can have something so calm and soothing in such great proximity of the great big cities. Rural areas will relax you and make you feel like you do not have a care in the world, which is absolutely amazing and beautiful.

The Luck Of The Irish

As you may, or may not know, the upper part of the island on which Ireland is, is called the Northern Ireland and it belongs to the UK. So, I did not have the chance to visit Dublin, but what I did see of the Northern Ireland was absolutely brilliant.

Dunluce Castle

I loved the pubs, the way of life, but most of all I loved the people who were cordial and affectionate even though it was the first and probably the last time to see me.

White Cliffs Of Dover

What you definitely must not miss out on when touring across UK are the white cliffs of Dover. The amazingly beautiful work of art which Mother Nature made herself will blow you mind away!


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