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Permanent Correction Of The Eye Conditions 


Not many eye conditions are dangerous to the overall health of an individual, but some of them can cause pain. But all of those diseases and conditions have one thing in common, and that is that they cause discomfort. They make it impossible to operate at optimal conditions as they disrupt the vision.  

Having to wear glasses or other visual assistance, mean that you can’t view the world as everyone else does. You deserve to travel around the world and enjoy its wonders. You deserve support that will remove irregularities in your eyes that will allow you to benefit from the world without any obstacles.  

What options do you have? 

When it comes to options to correct eye conditions people do have several of them. One way to address these issues is to undergo a laser surgery and correct the situation. This isn’t a permanent correction but those operations allow you to do corrections at a later time. 


Two different and still successful laser treatments do exist, and they both can help you to see without any assistance. One of them is the LASIK, where the laser is applied directly to cornea while the flaps are pulled back by various instruments. PRK does almost the same thing, but the flaps don’t have to be removed. If you aren’t a proponent of the surgery, then there are other ways to improve your sight.  

The simplest way to address the issues with eyesight is to buy glasses or contact lenses. They will provide you with perfect vision, but with a cost of having to maintain them. This is the cheapest way to deal with eye conditions that aren’t especially dangerous. This isn’t a permanent solution to the problem which is why people decide to take that extra step. 

How to implant lenses on permanent basis 

Those that want lenses but hate having to clean those same lenses can choose to implant permanent contact lenses. This will require a surgery that will make those lenses non-removable. If some problems arise then, the same process can be used to replace them, but that won’t happen too often. 

eyesSo, a question arises, and that is how one is eligible for this kind of treatment and how everything works with these permanent lenses. The surgeon will reshape the cornea and allow the lenses to take its place as a new layer that improves upon the mistakes of the only one.  

Whether you are eligible or not depends on a series of checkpoints you will have to pass. First of them is the age. This operation isn’t available to people that aren’t between 21 and 45 years old. This treatment isn’t allowed to people that don’t fit these parameters due to biological growth and decay of the eye. 

You will have to undergo an analysis that will check the speed at which your vision changes. If your condition changes rapidly (within six months or in some situation even longer), then permanents lenses would be an unwise choice for the patient as the vision would still deteriorate. 


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