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Top four travel apps

travel apps

Considering that we live in an online world, people have become addicted to smartphones and the internet. We can imagine not one day, without using the web and check our social media accounts. But, what happens when you go on a holiday, and you have to depend on Wi-Fi? Luckily, there are so many apps which can help you enjoy your vacation and still be in touch with an online community. Check out our list of top five rated apps like Kodi.


RebtelWhile Skype and Whatsapp hold the dominance over the international calling, you still need the internet to use them. If you are in between places, often moving from one to another location, it would be tough to catch Wi-Fi. But, if you want to make cheap calls around the globe, without using the internet, then we suggest you install the Rebtel. This app works on a simple method, by taking over the local phone line and providing you the cheapest rates. Rebel calling between the users of the app free until 2018, use this opportunity while you can.


If you want to cover all the routes and avoid getting lost in a foreign country, then Waze is the perfect app for you. The great thing about Waze is that it provides you one of the most accurate and up – to – date road data. The people who participated in the making of this app are professional taxi drivers, and they know a lot about traffic avoidance. It works in the same way as Google maps, but users have an opportunity to share various information about dangerous on the road, traffic, and accidents. If you are navigating an unfamiliar city, then Waze can get you out of trouble. For more details look at Sales Enablement Software.

Tunnel Bear

While traveling, we often tend to connect to different Wi-Fi spots to keep in touch with our friends and family. But, this type of connection can hide many dangerous things, especially if you have classified files on your smartphone, such as bank accounts. In this case, you are required to use a VPN, virtual private network; it hides your IP address, and location and transfers it to another country. There are a lot of apps you can use for this occasion, but Tunnel Bear is among the easiest ones. The app has a free version, which you can use to test the Tunnel Bear before you go for a premium.


This app is great for women because they are often known to bring a lot of unnecessary stuff. When it comes time for packing, a lot of us become frustrated because we don’t know what to pack and in most cases, we are limited with the luggage weight. With the Packpoint, all your troubles will be resolved; you just need to enter your destination, date, length of stay and additional activities your plan to do and the app will prepare the packing list for you. If the Packpint misjudges your desire or the things you need, then you can quickly eject something, once you have the list ready.

The application worth mentioning is Minecraft PE.

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